Vera Manuel devoted her life to encouraging others to free ourselves through the use of our personal voices. Telling the truth is disarming, speaking your truth is a generous and healing gift.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, our beloved Secwepemc-Ktunaxa writer Vera Manuel

Dear World Poetry Members and supporters,

Our beloved World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and committee member passed away last Thursday.

We will miss her so much. She had a way of giving hope even in the darkest moments.

We will be doing a radio memorial for her in March and a memorial for her in June when we celebrate First Nations at the VPL.

When I talked to her about our June 21st event: WP Celebrates First Nations, she said: “Don’t worry Ariadne, I will be there. It will be fine.”

I was worried about the date and how to bring everyone together that night.
She will be there that night.

Anyone who would like to participate in either event, let me know.

Creative blessings.
Ariadne and Alejandro
So sorry to hear the world has lost another poet....

How sad, Vera had such a life of pain -- these last years. I kept hoping that medical science would find an answer to her inflammation.
She was wonderful, and will be missed.
best, Bernice
Bernice Lever
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of a good friend and great cultural force, Ariadne.

I will keep you and the Manuel family in my thoughts,
Sorry to hear this..
all my best
Neil ( d.n. simmers)
Hi Ariadne,
I will like to participate in this. Thanks and please pay my condolences to her family.
Ariadne – I am sorry to hear of your loss. Bless you and yours
Lo siento Ariadne y Alejandro y el Mundo de la Poesia., una estrella mas que parte a bello cielo azul y un lugar vacio en el Mundo de La poesía, asi es la vida del que ama la poesía deja este mundo, lleno de huellas y recuerdos que quedan plasmados en un papel, de los bellos momentos que no volveran.
Que en paz descanse.
Hi Ariadne:
Sorry to hear of this loss. I will be happy to participate if you think I should, however I have no first nations ties and am not sure if I need First Nation Ties.

please add my sincerest condolences to Vera Manuel's family. I can still hear her ringing words of betrayal waged against her people, their culture, their very identity.


Dear Ariadne, thank you for the update.

I am so, so sorry to hear about Vera Manuel. What a huge loss!!
Our love and prayers are with Vera's family in these difficult moments.

She will be missed by all the poets, writers and everyone whom she touched with her loving soul and creative heart.

May she rest in peace.
Lucia Gorea

submitted by Ariadne Sawyer



  1. Ariadne, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Vera Manuel. I think I only met her once. But it is sad to hear about her passing. I send my condolences to you and to anyone who knew her. I'm glad that you will be doing a memorial for her in June. I hope that someone who knew her well, will read a few of her Poems at the event. Take care. Eva.

  2. Hello Ariadne,

    I am very sorry to hear about Vera Manuel's passing on.

    I would like to express my sorrow and deep sympathies to her family!

    Bong Ja